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Evans Electrical Inc.

Electricians you want to work with.

Qualified Electricians Utah

      As a local family owned and operated business We don't hesitate is saying WE ARE THE BEST ELECTRICIANS around! You can feel confident in hiring clean cut, honest, drug free and fully qualified electricians with Evans Electrical. Our commitment to family, reliability, honesty, safety and quality sets Evans Electrical apart from other electrical companies. Evans Electrical Inc. is registered through the state of Utah. We are fully certified, licensed and insured. Looking to find a good electrician? With Evans electrical you can feel confident in who walks up to your door Call: 801-747-9029 FREE Rough Estimates by phone or email.

     Gary Evans is a master electrician. He began his electrical career over 25 years ago. His knowledge and wide range of job experience is an asset that makes Evans Electrical a reliable choice. He has done electrical work throughout the State of Utah including working at the LDS Church Office Building and as an instructor for other electricians. Gary has a passion for his work. He cares about the job and how to get the best results. He began Evans Electrical as a family business that would give customers a licensed, highly qualified electrician with the knowledge to get any electrical job done properly.

     Garrison Evans is a licensed journeyman electrician. He became an apprentice at the age of seventeen. The advantage of having his highly qualified father tutor and instruct him has placed Garrison years ahead of other electricians out there.With 12 years of electrical experience he has worked on and completed a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial jobs. Garrison cares about this company and the customers that make Evans Electrical possible. His strong work ethic pushes him to do quality work within a respectable time frame. It is his hard work ethic and honesty that brings customers back again and again.

     We are also joined by Ethan and Colin both skilled and certified Apprentice Electricians. They have both worked on residential and commercial electrical jobs throughout the state of Utah. Their abilities to work as a quick and effective team with Garrison and Gary make Evans Electrical Inc. a superior electrical company with the ability to complete jobs correctly and efficiently.

Know and trust the professionals you have coming to your door!

Call Evans Electrical Inc. TODAY! 801-747-9029